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About Us

State Fair Group is dedicated to providing the best value in entertainment. We are a diversified family-owned company with roots in the amusement industry dating back to 1920. Our core values have remained the same even as we expand into professional sports, energy consulting, engineered water systems, and more. We strive to provide an innovative and creative environment in changing times. Our growing team shares the vision of providing the highest quality while maintaining traditional values and integrity. Partnerships have made our businesses what they are today. We are committed to the New Jersey and New York communities that we serve.



Assist in the coordination of event planning and execution. Communicate with event staff, vendors, clients, sponsors, and attendees. Cultivate relationships with potential sponsors. Securing vendors, performers, and sponsors events. On-site assistance in event coordination by working with our staff, vendors, performers, and sponsors. Develop event timelines and promotional schedules. Assist in post-event reviews and summaries. Click for Full Description

Enjoy a day at the fair, and have passion for what you do? We’d love to hear from you! If your dream job isn’t currently listed, simply send us your info and we’ll keep it on file. Attach your resume, and include job title in your subject if applicable.


State Fair Group

229 Main Street, Belleville, NJ 07109

Office: 973.450.1070 | Fax: 973.751.7397